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You don't have to settle for used furniture. With our exceptional prices, you get new furniture at the same price as used ones, or even for less. Office Furniture Metro DC has access to many manufacturers so you have a wide selection to choose from. This means that we are always able to offer you furniture that not only looks good, but also functions to fit your lifestyle. Learn more about our company that offers the best office seating and desk sales in Washington, DC.

Customized Service

Office spaces differ across industries, and it is important that your office furniture is functional and well-suited for your specific industry. We ensure this by making sure your furniture is customized to your work space. In order to get you exactly what you need, we never overlook the details. We find out whether you are left- or right-handed, so we can get you the best setup possible; no detail is too small. This is one of the reasons why our existing customers love doing business with us.

Wooden Workspace Interior Design

Wooden Office Furniture

Refresh Your Work Space

Whether you are expanding or renovating, we offer contemporary office furniture for every business. We serve both commercial and residential clients, and provide services and products for conference, nursing, and board rooms. We also offer furniture and seating for:

• Training Centers
• Dormitories
• Health Care Facilities
• Reception Halls
• And Many More

Giving You Flexibility

Enjoy flexibility with our modular products. We are committed to providing items that meet your changing needs. We do this by offering products that allows for flexibility in design. This means that your new furniture adapts to changes and expansions within your operation, which protects your initial investments.

Layout, Design, & Installation

We offer layout, design, and installation services. Let us help you with the layout of your office space. If you give us your floor plan, we use it to create an environment that suits your needs. In addition to your layout, we also help with the design of your space. This involves colors and other aspects of interior design. You are also able to count on us for the installation of your new furniture. We offer nationwide installation.

Wooden Office Desks

Krystal™ Writing Boards, Inc. offers the highest quality glass writing board systems available. The innovative design replaces the old, stained, whiteboards of the past. Our clear glass dry erase board, glass whiteboard and frosted glass board are the writing boards of the future.

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